The Top 5 Reasons I feel compelled to do something about Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation

It breaks children. Quite simply it is child abuse, but a big part of the problem is that most people don’t fully understand how detrimental it is not only to the families, but especially to the children caught in the middle. It’s not just the interfering between a child’s natural bond with one of the two people that a child is pre-programmed to love unconditionally—even though that in and of itself is enough cause for concern– but it’s the emotional and psychological manipulation of the child in forcing them to surrender to the disturbed alienating parent’s demands to disown the targeted parent that is most harmful. The demands to which the child yields to for the sake of self–preservation. Think about that for a second. A child is forced to say that they hate and/or fear a loving parent whom they naturally love completely and unconditionally. Otherwise they face…

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