The Muslim Question (2): Trevor Phillips

“When it came to attacking Islam, in 2006 he stated that there was a need for free speech to “allow people to offend each other”. This very same free speech today has become limited as Muslim views are being forced to conform to what Phillips calls in the documentary “the rest of society”. Phillips wants people to be able to offend Muslims, but does not want Muslims to “offend” Britain and her “base values”.

Interestingly, he further suggested that Muslims who wanted a system of Shari’ah law “should leave the UK” – a demand he has never made of the Jewish community, who have their own community “policing”, and have been running a “parallel” halachic legal system since the 1700s.

It is little wonder then, that some years later, when Phillips was appointed the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, commissioners began resigning. Ironically, commissioners complained he was alienating people.

Phillips, then, is consistent with his rhetoric of discriminatory demands and duplicitous standards when it comes to Muslims. He “jumped at the chance” to spin a survey of Muslim opinion precisely to push a neoconservative narrative which he has been advocating, in line with British neocons, for years.”


TrevorPhillipsTonyBlairPeterMandelson.pngA series of blogs analysing the recent Channel 4 documentary titled, “What British Muslims Really Think”

Part 1: An Orchestrated Attack on Islam

In the previous article, we saw how the latest of phase of a neoconservative agenda to deconstruct Islam had resulted in a relentless assault in political and media circles on the faith.

This reach its zenith with the much discussed Channel 4 documentary hosted by Trevor Phillips.

In this article, we will focus on Phillips himself, and attempt to understand his peculiar set of statements made at the beginning of the documentary.

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