#UNSC #Ban under fire for criticising #Israel’s illegal occupation!

Ban Ki-moon affirms permanent dispossession and displacement ~ Ramona Wadi, MEMO, Thursday, 28 January 2016.

Speaking during the UN Security Council’s session on the Middle East last Tuesday, the organisation’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, managed to create both anger and agreement among his audience. For supporters of the Palestinians, the speech was surprising, given the slightly different rhetoric employed. Israel, which has condemned the UN routinely for the slightest criticism of the state’s illegal actions, has since surpassed itself through a media uproar, with newspapers devoting considerable space to lambasting Ban’s speech and his alleged support for “terror”.

At first glance, and after years of repetitive utterances, Ban’s address seems to be a departure from the usual futile UN rhetoric. Uncharacteristically, he criticised Israel’s security measures and declared,Yet, as oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.

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Furthermore, the UN chief appeared to confront Israel regarding its additional settlement expansion and appropriation of yet more Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. “These provocative acts,” Ban pointed out, “are bound to increase the growth of settler populations, further heighten tensions, and undermine any prospects for a political road ahead.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu countered Ban’s remarks, accusing him of “bolstering terrorism” and the UN of having “long ago lost its neutrality and its moral powers.” Netanyahu’s comments, however, were just the prologue as Israeli media unleashed a bucketful of hateful resentment.

“Out of 1,273 words in the speech, a full 1,107 – or 87% — were devoted to the land dispute between Israel and its Arab neighbours,” thundered Israel National News. This angry outburst was also deceitful and sly, reducing Israel’s brutal military occupation and colonisation of Palestinian territory to a “land dispute” with “Arab neighbours”. The outlet also published the full text of the speech and urged readers to “count the words for yourself and bear witness to the UN’s complicity in the ongoing horrors that it chooses to ignore.” The irony of this hypocrisy was obviously lost on the journalist.

Moreover, such bluster ignores the inconvenient — for Israel — fact that UN complicity provides the state with the necessary international platform through which to defend its abhorrent existence. The complicity exhibited since the 1947 UN Partition Plan has been followed diligently, and Ban’s speech was no exception, despite its unexpected departure from the usual “neutral” drivel; he omitted to mention the colonial monster, opting to stick with the more acceptable reference to “the occupation”, thus playing into the convenient “occupation started in 1967” narrative and obliterating the Palestinian experience of ethnic cleansing from 1948.

However, putting the furore in Israel to one side, Ban’s speech leaves much to be desired. Apart from availing himself of the opportunity to use a series of different synonyms, he gave us more of the same, commencing with the usual laments, albeit with some stronger emphasis, and returned to the predictable epilogue that urged the existence of “two-states living side by side in peace and security,” in order for Israel to “retain both its Jewish majority and democratic status.”

As he nears the end of his tenure as UN Secretary General, Ban’s late attempt to feign indignation on behalf of the Palestinians is hypocritical and, frankly, repugnant. Ultimately, his chosen role is to serve dutifully at the helm of a corrupt institution that claims to have abolished colonialism while supporting Israel’s establishment and colonial expansion in Palestine. This late shift in favour of Palestine is, ultimately, nothing but a facade built by the use of expedient and carefully constructed vocabulary. Apart from the intentional deception, the UN is still expecting Palestinians to opt for the diplomatic hypothesis of the two-state compromise, and thus having to endure permanent dispossession and displacement.

 UN Security Council

File photo of UN Security Council



UN: Ban Stands by Every Word of Israeli Settlement Comments – ABC News

Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Ban Ki-moon of justifying terrorism -The Telegraph

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3 thoughts on “#UNSC #Ban under fire for criticising #Israel’s illegal occupation!

  1. With US’s financial, military, and political support for decades, Israel has committed vicious and massive war crimes. Israel seems utterly oblivious of the Geneva Convention IV’s rules about wars and occupations, or hides behind silly rhetoric that civilians in close proximity to “militants” are “shielding” militants from attack so shooting at building used for civilian purposes is justifiable. It seeks to discredit all those who disagree with its policies as “anti-Semites,” “self-haters (for Jewish dissenters with Likud policies), or “conspirators” against or “enemies” of Israel. Recently, Israel criminalized criticism of Israeli policies but proclaims itself to be the only functioning democracy in the Middle East.

    Israel has been sanctioned many times by the UN, usually by votes of 199-4, 198-3, etc. for its unbridled violations of international law and of the rule of UN rules, including the acquisition of territory by military conquest as Likud politicians approve one settlement after another on occupied land that the UN designated was to be the State of Palestine but pays no price for its defiance. Israel developed a nuclear arsenal over a period of years during the 1970s, but refused to admit it was developing the Middle East’s only nuclear arsenal, preferring to say, “We won’t be the first to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East,” winking as if everyone knew better. All this verbal jousting was the result of Israel’s decision to develop nuclear weapons without signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which would have forced Israel to be inspected by international inspectors, which Israel adamantly refused to allow. More recently, it threatened to use those nuclear weapons against Iran while trying to incite other countries to start a war against Iran because, at one point, Iran might have developed a nuclear weapon in a matter of years. Israel is a rogue nation. and it has been a rogue nation for many years. There is a reason the world’s citizenry voted in a poll that Israel is the most likely nation to touch off World War III. And #2 on that list: the United States of America.

    This article is another Hasbara offering pro-Israeli propaganda.


  2. Dear miguelito3557,
    I agree wholeheartedly with the gist of your response which highlights the problem as israeli impunity to rule of international law, which all too many of us have watched with disdain and incredulity year after year. Intriguingly your final sentence states the article is hasbara. I absolutely abhor hasbara and this was why I rejected several different write-ups on this topic before settling for MEMO to blog here – precisely because the author, Ramona Wadi is a highly respected pro-Palestinian writer and anti-zionist activist and also because she clearly identifies the key underlying issue here behind Ban Ki-Moon’s rhetoric, ie, the UN’s gross impotence over Israel and the moral bankruptcy of flogging the dead horse of a two-state solution where the illegal occupier refuses to be any kind of peace partner.

    Obviously this is so at odds with the UN’s actual aims and objectives over sovereign nation states and the universality and inalienability of human rights – especially for indigenous people subject to illegal foreign occupation – as in it’s Charter – that it has brought the entire body into disrepute while the genuinely aggrieved Palestinians suffer more land-thievery and war crimes.

    The root cause remains America’s undue influence on the UN and it’s key member states along with the shamelessly injudicious use of its veto at the UNSC, all of which serve to shield Israel from any semblance of accountability to rule of International Law. The consummate ease with which the zio-lobby manipulates US foreign policy along with the neocon warmongers and banksters comprises a triangulation of vested foreign corporate interests, a pie Israel possibly has the biggest finger in. And yet, most American citizens remain blissfully unaware. Thankfully more people are awakening and engaging the issues everywhere, every day. Witness the growth of #BDS.

    Thanks miguelito3557 for sharing your thoughts.



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