Why they targeted Sheikh #Zakzaky?


Why they targeted Sheikh #Zakzaky:

There are both external & internal factors on why the present Nigerian government of President Buhari is targeting Sheikh #Zakzaky.

Externally there is the factor of Western imperialism & Global Zionism. These two make up what is referred to as “New World Order”. They comprises the most powerful nations on earth, they wish to control all nations & their resources.

Nigeria is is a big country that has the largest population on the African continent. Nigeria has all the potentials to be among world powers unfortunately bad leadership & wanton corrupt has stalled Nigerian development.

These Imperialists wanted to control everything in a nation they considered will rise one day. Sheikh #Zakzaky has a string anti-imperialism credentials & has consistently expose their evil agendas in Nigeria & beyond. This is his first ‘sin’.

His second ‘sin’ I’d the exponential increase of his followers that transcend…

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