#Netanyahu Calls #Palestinian Self-Defense “#Terrorism” Palestinians are Categorized as “Islamic Terrorists!”

Netanyahu Calls Palestinian Self-Defense “Terrorism”. Palestinians are Categorized as “Islamic Terrorists” ~ Stephen Lendman, Global Research, December 13, 2015.

In recent speeches and other public statements, Netanyahu calls Palestinian self-defense against the Israeli occupier “terrorism.”

At the same time, he claimed daily Israeli-instigated violence has nothing to do with their justifiable courageous response after nearly half a century of illegal, brutalizing military occupation.

He lied, saying “(t)he terrorists are attacking in California or in Israel, or for that matter in Paris. They are attacking the very values that we hold dear – freedom, tolerance, diversity.”

Last month, he said

“(w)e are standing on the front lines against terrorism that is increasingly being transformed from Palestinian nationalistic terrorism to Islamic terrorism. An attack on any one of us should be seen as an attack on all of us. You can’t say these are the good terrorists and these are the bad terrorists. All terrorists are bad.”

Physician, political activist and human rights champion Mustafa Barghouti explained justifiable Palestinian rage “come(s) from hopelessness.” They want the same rights granted Jews.

PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi blasted Netanyahu, accusing him of

“cynically exploiting the pain of the innocent victims in order to create a misleading linkage and to justify Israeli state terror against the Palestinian people, while presenting Israel as the victim.”

Multiple daily examples explain. On Saturday, Israeli forces again invaded Gaza, attacking hundreds of mourners attending slain Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) leader Sami Shawqi Madhi’s funeral.

He’s the 19th Gazan Israeli soldiers killed since October 1. Another 100 were murdered in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Eighteen Israeli lives were lost, only five by stabbings.

Since January, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Israeli forces conducted a weekly average of 83 terror raids on Palestinian communities, greater numbers since October 1.

The whole world knows Israel is a racist, apartheid, rogue terror state, supported by the US. Too few voices of prominence admit it.








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