Ramsey Clark: US killed 500,000 babies in Iraq before 9/11

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In June 2015, a team of US investigators and lawyers led by former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, sued George Bush and his senior administration officials over illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 on Jewish Purim night.

The war against US-puppet Saddam Hussein by the US and the Zionist-controlled European nations’ bloody war began in 1991 as result of his failure to topple Islamic regime in Tehran during 8-year of Iraqi invasion of Iran. The war was funded by Saudi Arabia, Emir of Kuwait, the US, Israel, France and Britain.

Recently, Ramsey Clark appeared on RT show hosted by Abby Martin (watch below). During the interview Clark narrated the horrors Iraqi people especially children suffered at the hands of US administration since 1991.

Philip Zelikow (Jewish), former senior official of the so-called “9/11 Commission”, admitted on September 10, 2002 that Iraq was invaded by the US forces because Saddam Hussein became a threat…

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