#NastyTory MP should ‘resign’ after faking death threat email from constituent!

Tory MP should ‘resign’ after faking death threat email from constituent ~ T D Rogers, EvolvePolitics.com, 5th December 2015.

Lucy Allan, Conservative MP for Telford, has been caught out after adding a ‘death threat’ to the end of an email she received from a constituent.

Adam Waitling, 27, who was writing using the pseudonym ‘Rusty Shackleford’, emailed Mrs Allan regarding the vote to bomb Syria.

Mrs Allan posted an excerpt of the email to Facebook, but Shackleford claims that she deliberately doctored the post to include the words ‘unless you die’ at the end to make it appear as if he had sent her a death threat.

Lucy Allan

Lucy Allan Fake Death Threat

After being confronted online, Mrs Allan deleted the post and then hilariously claimed that the three extra words were from another email and the post was an ‘example’ of the comments she had received.


Lucy Allan Reply

Mr Waitling, in an interview with The Daily Mail, said ‘Despite changing my Facebook name, I am a genuine Telford constituent and I have lived here all my life.

‘And just because I emailed under a different name, why does that make it OK to add a death threat to my email?

‘I would never say the words she attributed to my initial email. I do not understand why she would take the comments she may or may not have received from someone else and add them to my email when she put it on her Facebook.

Lucy Allan Real Email
Mr Waitling provided the original email as proof.

‘I just don’t understand why that gives her the right to add three words to my email. This is not selective editing, this is adding things I did not say’.

Mr Waitling, an audio producer from Telford, also called for Mrs Allan to ‘resign’, adding ‘it is a serious thing for an MP to do to someone, to misrepresent an email from a constituent so grossly’.

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Just imagine the outcry if this was Corbyn slandering one of his constituents!

We await the mainstream media also calling for Mrs Allan’s resignation.

Not bloody likely.



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