#OrganTrafficking #Turkey arrests #Israeli for exploiting #Syrian refugees!

VIDEO: Israeli organ trafficking suspect arrested in Istanbul ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency, DEC 05, 2015.

A Turkish court on Dec. 5 arrested an Israeli organ trafficking suspect, who was sought by Interpol’s red notice and detained at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport on early Dec. 4.

He was reportedly in Turkey to convince struggling Syrian migrants to sell their organs.

Boris Walker was detained over alleged “organ trafficking” and “fraud” at 2:40 a.m. immediately after he arrived in Istanbul on a flight from Bangkok.

A court ruled for Walker’s arrest for 40 days, after which he is expected to be extradited to Israel.
According to a report by daily Vatan, Walker wanted to expand his illegal business in Turkey, targeting struggling Syrian migrants. 

According to the report, the international organ trafficker had already contacted some Syrian migrants in Istanbul to buy their organs, while he was also making arrangements to have the illegal operations in some small private hospitals in Turkish cities.



DHA photo

DHA photo


Once Again, Suspected Israeli organ trafficker arrested in Turkey: reports ~ December 05, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

A suspected Israeli organ trafficker who was wanted on an Interpol red notice has been arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport.

Boris Volfman was arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on suspicion of organ trafficking and fraud after flying from Bangkok on Friday night, Turkey’s Dogan news agency reported.

The Ukrainian-born Israeli citizen reportedly came to Turkey to harvest organs from desperate Syrian refugees, the daily Vatan newspaper reported.

A court on Saturday ordered his extradition to Israel after a 40-day arrest period.

There was no comment from Turkish or Israeli authorities concerning Volfman’s arrest.

Turkish media reported an investigation has been launched to determine his contacts in Turkey.

Local media outlets reported Boris’ last name as both Volfman and Walker.



Turkey: “An Israeli planned to sell organs of Syrians refugees” ~ www.jerusalemonline.com

Turkish authorities arrested an Israeli suspected of organ trafficking. The man was first identified in the Turkish media as “Boris Walker”, but is believed to be Boris Wolfman, who was previously charged in Israel with organ trafficking and organizing illegal transplants in Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka, before managing to flee the country.

Turkish authorities arrest Israeli suspected of organ trafficking ~ Ynetnews

Suspected Israeli organ trafficker arrested in Turkey: reports | News | DW.COM | 05.12.2015 ~ Deutsche Welle 





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