#DAESH #ISIS #CIAIS #Syria #NotInMyName

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If #DAESH #ISIS #CIAIS really is the morphed end-result of the US occupation of Iraq, it follows that ISIS should be a vehemently anti-US and anti-Zionist resistance movement. But, clearly it isn’t. So, what is it really, and what do its actions show?

In fact, ISIS is a critical part of the puzzle to fill the power vacuum caused by toppling Saddam and replacing Iraq from a Sunni to a Shia country which destabilised the delicate power balance and status quo across the region. DAESH remains a proxy US-Israel-Turkey-Saudi terror network, as part of #PNAC and the #Yinon Plan for Eretz Israel.

As the creation and product of the US-Israel. CIAIS members have been trained, armed and funded by the US and it’s closest regional allies, and continue to be so, with each pursuing their own agenda, sometimes overlapping and at other times, conflicting. Hence, DAESH are doing exactly what the US and Israelis are doing, the same crimes of illegal occupation, regime-change, ethnic-cleansing and genocide, and continue being funded and armed to commit the same terror upon their primary victims, formally peacefully coexisting Arab, Muslim and Christian citizens in their own homes and neighbourhoods in their own countries in order to destroy one-by-one every credible regional nation state with any form of unified military deterrent in the vicinity of Israel, the zionist hegemon, to then replace it with a patchwork of feuding war-lords after destroying the infrastructure so as to let it’s mineral resources be looted by multi-national corporations via convenient local middlemen.

The mainstream media premise that DAESH is a collection of antagonised young Muslims fighting against the US and it’s allies is completely fallacious and simply doesn’t add up. We’re meant to be living in a post-colonial world now certainly so after the UN Charter of 1948. DAESH exists to protect Israeli interests and promote them across its territory as well as the whole region.

DAESH’s modus operandi serves three distinct functions since its inception:

1. As a proxy terror network used by the US and US allies to attack, weaken and overthrow any middle-eastern country deemed a threat to the US-Israel and at risk of falling into Russia’s orbit in geopolitical terms. Having served this purpose DAESH then moves on to provoke massive ‘righteous’ and ‘justified’ Western aerial bombardment in retaliation for its atrocities.

2. DAESH is used by Governments and media alike to scaremonger. By shamelessly whipping up a defunct, morally bankrupt and racist Clash of Civilisations narrative, which colours the public discourse the hysterical safety-first narrative soon becomes the dominant discourse to be then used to justify draconian domestic clampdowns on democratic principles and free speech which question it and its rationality. Witness previously liberal Western democracies lurching to the right as they embrace neo-colonialism, interventionism and a double-standard and false privilege of a global North/South divide.

3. DAESH is creating the groundwork for its sponsors/masters to carve up the post-war spoils and contracts. Consequently the tragedies still unfolding in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya et al comprehensively prove that after regime-changing a sovereign nation state, the next flavour-of-the-month installed puppet dictator needs to be made to feel safe by being sold (always last year’s) state-of-the-art weapons systems.

People really should do their research properly and grow a spine. We urgently need to get over the propaganda that we are fighting a War on terror. We are not. In fact, War is Terror. And, instead of learning the lessons of history we keep repeating the same mistakes which makes us the Mother of Terrorists by being their root source enablers – funders and armers. Enough. #NotInMyName








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