Secretive PREVENT and ERG 22+

“As is often the case with information around the government’s extremism agenda, there has been much resilience in releasing information around ERG 22+. CAGE notes:

“Of most concern, is that when Freedom of Information requests have been made by academics and journalists for this documentation, they have been rejected on the basis of national security. The document is purposefully being withheld from public dissemination and scrutiny.”

This damning state of affairs typifies PREVENT. Families are being negatively affected, children are being subjected to child abuse, and the Muslim minority is being discriminatorily targeted using untested theories like lab rats. It evokes the extreme end of the spectrum of counter-terror responses where shambolic, dark revelations earlier this year revealed that psychologists and medical professionals colluded in Guantanamo torture. It seems like such collusions are occurring lower down the counter-terror spectrum too.”



The stigma around the discriminatory, authoritarian and deceptive nature of PREVENT is such that the Muslim community largely rebuffs PREVENT as far as possible. Freedom of Information requests to determine which community organisations are funded by PREVENT are routinely refused on spurious “security” grounds. Rob Burton, head of the Centre for Youth and Community Development (CYCD) in Bury Park, said in the Guardian:

“The difficulty with the current policies and processes is that there’s a lot of mistrust – which, bluntly, is about the government spying on Muslims, wanting people to ‘shop’ their neighbours.”

To avoid the stigma, his organisation refuses financial support that might entail “grassing” on the local community. Interestingly, the report also highlights that the police is following the neocon spin strategy of selling PREVENT as “safeguarding” instead of a counter-radicalisation concept. The hate-funded neoconservative Henry Jackson Society in its proposals to suppress criticism of…

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