#PETITION Stop the bombing of #Syria – Lobby your #MP: #StopTheWarCoalition

Stop the bombing of Syria – Lobby your MP ~ STOP THE WAR COALITION, 16 SEPTEMBER 2015, PETITIONS.


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In 2013, public pressure on MPs, and the memory of the Iraq war, led to the unprecedent vote in parliament against David Cameron’s plan to bomb Syria.

We must build the same level of opposition now, as Cameron tries yet again to get MPs to agree to a UK bombing campaign in Syria, the result of which will only be more chaos, more refugees and increased bitterness against the west. Cameron is hoping to limit rebels in his own ranks and is banking on a number of Blairite Labour MPs lining up with the Tories against Jeremy Corbyn.

Given this new initiative from the government, Stop the War is asking all its supporters to lobby their MPs immediately, using our lobbying tool, which takes less than two minutes »

Stop the War will announce an emergency protest when the day for a vote in parliament is announced.


28 Nov London & Nationwide Day of Protest | Don’t Bomb Syria ~ POSTED IN NATIONAL EVENTS

Day of protest against UK bombing Syria
Saturday 28 November

National Demonstration
12 noon – 2pm | Downing Street | London

Cities and towns across the UK: Details…

Protests will take place this Saturday around the country against the imminent threat of bombing of Syria by British forces. This is in response to the proposed vote in Parliament by David Cameron which is likely to take place within the next week. The vote is more likely following the terrible events in Paris. Yet this bombing will not stop terror attacks.

Stop the War is opposed to this military response. There is already bombing in Syria, conducted by the US and French forces. Its net effect has not been to weaken ISIS. The cumulative effect of 14 years of western bombing in the region has been to increase the scale and spread of jihadi terrorism.

When Russian bombing of Syria began, nearly two months ago, David Cameron and Barack Obama  warned that it would be counter productive, increase the threat of terrorism and create instability in the region.

Exactly the same  applies to UK and any other bombing.

The London protest will be at Downing Street on Saturday 28 November between 12 and 2pm.

Details of action in over 30 cities and towns nationwide…

Source: Stop the War Coalition

Don’t Bomb Syria action across the UK »

Lobby your MP now with our DON’T BOMB SYRIA model
letter. It only takes two minutes »

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