@HumanRightsLaw UK vs #HumanRights EUROPE: Mind the Gap and Spot the Differences! @UKSupremeCourt

Talk about dragging a court into disrepute – from once ruling the waves to now waiving the rules – by apparently circumventng the ‘sandwich provisions’ of Articles of 1 and 13, Britain renders the family human rights of forcibly removed children ‘theoretical and illusory’ instead of ‘practical and effective.’

Victims Unite!

There is more to Europe than the idea of the European Union [EU] of 28 Member States as the grand POLITICAL ‘club’ and the ‘Eurozone‘ as the FINANCIAL club, where the Euro is legal currency.

Seasoned victims of white collar criminals turned starfighters and McKenzie Friends discovered ages ago that two significant Human Rights Articles had been omitted from the UK version (1998) of the European Convention of Human Rights (1953) and Fundamental Freedoms:

We took our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to the EU Parliament for the UK Parliament failed to respond or take action to our Petition regarding Children Placed in Foster Care.

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