Best Interests of the Child

These four remedies could go a long way to ensuring that children’s actual best interests are served in court.

Parental Alienation

I and two co-authors recently completed an analysis of all United States state statutes pertaining to the child factors judges should be considering when deciding custody disputes. Factors vary from state to state and range from general statements to laundry lists of specific behaviors and issues. Interestingly, in my personal experience as an expert witness in custody cases, many judges do not appear to be taking these factors into account. But that is not necessarily in violation of the statute because most of the statutes give judges considerable judicial discretion by including the phrase “and any other factors.” In addition, there are no guidelines in any of the 50 statutes regarding how to weigh the various factors. In other words, there are situations in which acting on one factor would go against another factor. For example, a child might state a preference to be with one parent (one factor, the…

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