Paris Attacks: The Factor Which Can No Longer be Ignored

#Neocon #ForeignPolicy #NeoColonialism #MuslimGenocide
“Until neoconservatism is rooted out from the political landscape and drastic changes to foreign policy are instituted, this cycle of violence will continue. It is a considerable factor which can no longer be ignored.”







In response to the massacres on the streets of Paris, those warmongering political opportunists known for supporting the underlying causes of this horrendous attack were quick off the line to make their views known. The fascist neoconservative Douglas Murray, called for a “proper response” which is “to have the same response at home as we do abroad”:

“So far we have pretended we can tackle these people only by engaging them on foreign battlefields. And by having a half-hearted talk about ‘radicalisation’ here at home. That is quite wrong.”

Given Murray’s colourful views about Muslims, and is neocon analysis of Islam (“Islam is not a peaceful religion. No religion is, but Islam is especially not”), the above sounds incredibly like a call for a “Final Solution” for Muslims. Are we to start using drone strikes inside Britain like we do abroad? We seem to have become experts at…

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One thought on “Paris Attacks: The Factor Which Can No Longer be Ignored

  1. We will never have peace until those who have commited 911 are dealt with ie Bush !chaney,rice Rumsfeild , israeli MOSSAD and crooks over in England . We need to voice up . lets not forget that France was going to cast a crucial vote for PALESTINE . A


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