#MillionMaskMarch in full swing from #NewYork to #London, the #Netherlands to #Guatemala!

Members of the Anonymous Army, with their signature Guy Fawkes masks, gather in front of the White House during their protest in Washington, November 5, 2015. © Gary Cameron
  • 00:16 GMT

    In New York, activists head to Wall Street.

  • 00:12 GMT

    This DC protester endorses “nobody for president.”

  • 00:11 GMT

    Some activists out in Amsterdam.

  • 00:06 GMT

    A group of protesters gathers in Colorado.

  • 05 November 2015

    23:39 GMT

    In Chicago, protesters are calling attention to police violence.

  • 23:38 GMT

    Activists give speeches in NYC and march through the streets.

  • 22:30 GMT

    People have started gathering at New York City’s Union Square.

  • 22:04 GMT

    In Washington, DC, participants chanted “Hnads up, don’t shoot” while marching down the street.

  • 21:44 GMT

    With events in London coming to an end, RT UK is signing off. For those following our live feed, stay tuned for updates from Million Mask Marches around the world.

  • 21:42 GMT

    As the London Million Mask March winds down, RT’s Harry Fear describes the challenges involved in covering such a volatile protest from within.

  • 21:32 GMT

    Journalist Teneille May has shared videos showing large groups of riot police marching down The Mall in London, seemingly in the direction of Trafalgar Square.

    Although a heavy police presence remains, London’s streets have become markedly quieter, as protests are dissipating.

  • 21:16 GMT

    RT’s William Njobvu spoke with two London protestors who said they were demonstrating against a police cover-up of cases of VIP pedophilia at the highest levels of government.

  • 21:07 GMT

    London’s Metropolitan police are arresting protestors for public order offences after they breached the “conditions” of the march.

    An unconfirmed source reports arrests have been made at Argyle Street in Westminster.

    Meanwhile, Transport for London has said all road closures in the capital remain in place.

  • 20:55 GMT

    Hundreds of protestors are gathered outside Buckingham Palace, where some are setting off fireworks, according to reports.

  • 20:55 GMT

    Protesters in Washington, DC are now outside of Monsanto’s offices.

  • 20:52 GMT

    London protestors have fragmented into several groups, with some currently at the intersection of Oxford Street and Hanover Square and others in Maddox Street, according to Metropolitan police.

    Journalist Ned Donovan of The Week reports that a “final kettle” is being formed on Regent Street, where protestors are setting off fireworks from inside the police cordon.

  • 20:51 GMT

    A small protest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • 20:46 GMT

    A Million Mask March event in Florida was reportedly shut down because state law prohibits wearing masks in public.

  • 20:44 GMT

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