Diagnosis of Parental Alienation

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

The pathology of “parental alienation” can be reliably identified by a set of three definitive diagnostic indicators:

1.)  Attachment System Suppression:

The complete suppression of the child’s attachment bonding motivations toward a normal-range and affectionately available parent in which the child seeks to entirely sever the attachment bond with this parent.

Therapist Note: This symptom originates the disorganized attachment networks of the allied narcissistic/(borderline) parent in which breaches to the relationship with the attachment figure result in a complete severing of the relationship (Bowen: relationship cutoffs) rather than effective repair of the relationship.

Under the distorting pathogenic influence of the narcissistic/borderline parent, the child is induced into adopting a similar “cutoff” of relationships as a means of coping with the divorce.

2.)  Personality Disorder Traits

The child displays a characteristic set of five specific narcissistic/(borderline) personality traits in the child’s symptom display toward the targeted rejected parent:

Grandiosity: The child…

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