Why U.S. Jews Aren’t Tearing Netanyahu Apart Over His Hitler-Mufti Bungle

The Ugly Truth


The Israeli PM’s remark was secular Zionism’s worst nightmare. Yet rather than confront it, Jewish groups are praying it disappears.

ed note–as we say here often on this website, the Jews, their power, and the methods associated with their (literal) madness must be framed within the context of subtlety, nuance, and multi-layered meaning if any understanding of it all is to be gleaned. The piece below is a perfect example thereof. Note what the writer offers in terms of explaining why Netanyahu’s recent remarks concerning Hitler and the Holocaust did not result in the typical fits of madness that generally arrive in tidal wave fashion whenever some lowly goy utters the same thing–

‘For one, Jewish groups must worry that lacing into Netanyahu shows disunity within the tribe, and disunity is a cardinal sin.’

‘Organizational structure could have a hand here, too…Effective political activity is impossible without a large fortune, and…

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