Kissing Cousins and Kindred Spirits: Hindutva and Zionism

“Several countries of the world have limited their trade relations with Israel as part of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement going on since last decade, which has endangered its economic growth. In this context, Israel’s growing relationship with India is proving to be a boon for its economy. India is one of the few countries, besides US, with which Israel’s defense and trade relations are prospering. India is the largest importer of weapons being sold by Israel and Israel is the second largest supplier to India among all countries. Not only defense, Israel has opened its centers of excellence in many Indian states in the fields of water conservation and irrigation etc. for technical assistance and has plans to open several more in the coming days. With Hindutva forces in power, the spectre of Islamic terrorism is being erected yet again. A famous Israeli historian has termed the strategy of killing innocents in the name of anti-terrorism by Israel, as ‘Incremental Genocide’. Hindutva fascists are desperate to learn this skill of incremental genocide from their ideological kins, so that they can practice it in India too. Modi’s upcoming trip to Israel needs to be understood from this perspective.”

Fig Trees and Vineyards


By Anand Singh

Last year, when Israel was carrying out one of the most barbaric genocides of this century by bombarding the Gaza strip, justice-loving people across the world, including India, were out on streets to protest. But it was the same time, when frenzied triumphalism of Hindutva fascists was at its peak in the corridors of power. Now more than a year has elapsed since the Hindutva fascists came to power in India under the leadership of Narendra Modi. As expected, the BJP government has made it clear through its conduct in the last one year that Hindutva fascists and Zionists are the ideological kins. To strengthen this bonhomie, Narendra Modi has announced his visit to Israel. As a gesture of friendship, Modi government has thrice abstained from voting in United Nations in the last three months, instead of voting against Israel.

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