#Abbas slams #Netanyahu #Holocaust comments as #UN urges calm!

Abbas slams Netanyahu Holocaust comments as UN urges calm ~ MA’AN NEWS AGENCY, OCT 21, 2015.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday condemned comments by the Israeli Prime Minister which blamed the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem for actions taken by Nazi Germany under leader Adolf Hitler, calling the speech an attempt to “evade Palestinian rights.”
During a joint press conference with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki moon, Abbas urged the Jewish people to “respond to Netanyahu’s lies about Nazism and the Holocaust.”The Israeli PM had earlier said that Haj Amin al-Husseini, who famously met with Hitler in 1941, played a central role in “fomenting the final solution,” referring to the genocide of European Jewry.
President Abbas also spoke about the current upsurge in violence, stressing that Palestine needs a “system of international protection” against the ongoing occupation, settler violence and “collective punishment,” such as home demolitions.He warned that the “ongoing violations by the occupation of the holy Muslim and Christian places in East Jerusalem, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque, will open the doors to a bitter religious conflict.”
Abbas said he appreciated the efforts of the UN in trying to keep peace and order in “our region, and in the whole world,” and asked for those efforts to be escalated.He affirmed that the Palestinian people view the UN as the main body that supervises the implementation of international law, which he said “will enable us to end the Israeli occupation and [Israeli] settlement of Palestinian land.”
“Hopefully Palestine will soon become a full member of the UN,” he added.Ban Ki moon called for both sides to “choose peace,” saying the most urgent challenge was to stop the current violence and avoid further loss of life.The UN chief said that a political solution, including the end to Israel’s occupation, is the only way to end the violence.


Israeli forces assault, detain Palestinian near Gush Etzion

54-year-old Palestinian dies from tear gas inhalation in Hebron

Palestinian shot dead near Ramallah after stabbing Israeli soldier

Thousands take part in Hebron funeral of slain Palestinian

There is no smart politician dumb enough to get in the way of that.

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, called for supporting Palestinians in demanding their right of liberation.
AGENCIES, (PIC)–  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was meeting Palestinian and Israeli leaders on Tuesday in a surprise two-day visit to the region aimed at ending more than two weeks of confrontations in the West Bank.

In two separate video messages, Ban Ki-moon called on Israelis and Palestinians to halt “acts of violence” and to return to political negotiations in order to achieve progress in the peace process.

For his part, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), said Ban Ki-moon’s visit aims at stopping Jerusalem intifada, stressing that it is doomed to fail.

Dr. Bahar said, in the opening of an exhibition in Gaza on Tuesday, that the UN and the International Quartet are continuously exerting efforts in a desperate attempt to stop Jerusalem uprising, underlining that the intifada will continue until the liberation of Occupied Jerusalem.

Bahar demanded the prosecution of Israel at international courts for its crimes against the Palestinians especially the Jerusalemites. He called for supporting Palestinians in demanding their right of liberation, and condemned the continuation of the security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. 
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