Jewish scholar finds the origins of the KJ Bible

“Cyrus Scofield corrupted the biblical message and produced a propaganda classic that has been working its evil for 100 years. The idea was to change Christian views of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist sub-culture within Christianity,” says anti-Islam Christian blogger Jeff Goodall.

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The ‘religious branch’ of the Organized Jewry dug a goldmine last week when one of its scholars, American professor Jeffrey Alan Miller (Montclair State University, NJ), accidentally found some old manuscripts of the King James Bible at the University of Cambridge archives. Miller’s discovery contains the handwritings of a dozen authors dating from 1604 to 1608.

In 1604, British King James 1 commissioned 47 translators and scholars to ‘rewrite’ Jesus’ 46 Parables in order to consolidate his political power. The first copy of the King James Bible was published in 1611.

In 2011, the BBC claimed that during the last 400 years, KJ Bible has influenced English literature more than William Shakespeare.

So why the Jewish-controlled media is so excited about the discovery of some old patches of the Bible which ADL’s former president for 50 years, Abraham Foxman, called HateSpeech? Well, many Christians don’t know the New Testament…

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