Pressure is on to Reveal Source of No.10’s “University Extremists” Press Release Hatchet-Job

“Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”, coupled with the neocon government’s penchant for the lack of rule of law and accountability, seem to be the latest means through which neocons are achieving this. Questions still need answering: Who are the people making up the EAU? Who appointed them? How much funding from the government is being directed into this cold-war era, unaccountable, Orwellian monstrosity? And what role the HJS have in drafting a government press release?”



Less than two weeks ago I exposed the disturbing similarity between a press release issued by the government about “tackling extremism in universities and colleges” and a report published the bigoted, Zionisthate-funded neoconservative Henry Jackson Society. I noted that the people identified in the unprecedented, repressive blacklist of “extremists” charged with treachery against state-ideology by the government were exactly the same as those found in HJS’s Preventing Prevent report. I had further highlighted that the names noted flimsily as evidence of an apparent connection between “extremism” on campus and political violence were also the same as those highlighted in the HJS report.

This link has also been picked up in a Times Higher Education article, which states in its opening sentence that “[s]ections of a Downing Street statement accused universities of hosting hate preachers are identical to those featured in a report by a controversial thinktank…”

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