Russian Airstrikes Hit Our “Moderate” Terrorists in Syria so They Threaten More Terrorism

“That’s right. Because, you can’t target a hearts and minds fabrication with smart bombs. Apparently you CAN target our Wahhabist mercenaries though, and thus, Sec. Kerry’s “grave concerns” are justified.
I can promise you this… the days of US and British SAS forces putting on fake beards and driving around Helix trucks in long photo-op parades are LOOOOONG gone.”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

The Russian defense ministry has released some video of their first strikes against terrorist targets in Syria today. The strikes took place outside of Homs. These strikes came at the request of the country’s President, Bashar al-Assad after US and French airstrikes in the country appear to have been targeting civilian infrastructure, not “ISIS”

You will notice that there are no long parades of guys in fake beards riding in Helix trucks waving black “ISIS” flags. My guess is, we’ve seen the last of those 😉

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One thought on “Russian Airstrikes Hit Our “Moderate” Terrorists in Syria so They Threaten More Terrorism

  1. All I have to say is that if The U.S. government doesn’t stop their false flag operations they can find themselves in legal trouble with all the innocent people that have been murdered in their trumped up wars . Do they seriously think that everyone buys into ISIS . It was a pretty good false flag when we were protesting our involvement in Syria . What a way to get sucker punched but I guess they thought that 911 worked on us who got suckered into believing that it was a lead by some man holed up in a cave . Man will we ever learn that when the U.S. government is moving their lips they are usually lying.


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