No one has the right to expect the State to make them better parents – Sarah Phillimore

I am not naive. I know that public funds are finite and fought over by many deserving causes. But it seems to me at least, that we now live in the worst of all possible worlds. Every effort is made to dodge funding therapy for parents in care proceedings whilst at the same time maintaining that care proceedings are a legitimate and lawful process and providing a lot of public money to keep them running.

This is turning into a farce. One that is very expensive to maintain, not only in terms of money wasted, but at great human cost and misery.

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support-picKent County Council v G & others [2005] UKHL 68 involved an appeal by a local authority on a matter of principle.

In the course of care proceedings, they had been compelled to pay about £200,000 to provide a therapeutic residential placement for a family pursuant to section 38(6) of the Children Act 1989. The case had a happy ending; the family stayed together. But the local authority wanted to make it clear for the future that this had been an improper use of section 38(6) of the Children Act 1989 and argued that the court could not compel a local authority to pay for therapy for parents under a statutory provision directed at assessments of the child.

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