Reconnecting with alienated children By Howie Dennison

Second, become active as a citizen for positive change, and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the system you blame for preventing you from having parenting opportunities with your child. This action may not change the disposition of your situation, but you may make the system a better place for other targeted parents and their children.

Parental Alienation

The ten billion dollar question is “how can I reconnect with my alienated child?”

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By Howie Dennison

Rest assured, it is hard, and there are no easy answers. In fact, quite likely, no answers at all.

There may be some approaches that might possibly be better than most (but none very good):

1. For children who are now adults, buy Amy Baker’s book “Surviving Parental Alienation” and turn to the back.
2. For minor children, buy Amy Baker’s book “Co-parenting with a Toxic Ex”.

3. Also, consider Dr Richard Warshak’s “Family Bridges” program at his web site.

4. Surrounding oneself with people who show respect to you (e.g. treat you like you are a normal person) – the child might see this as an…

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