What is #Britain’s top war criminal Tony #Blair up to these days?

What is Britain’s top war criminal Tony Blair up to these days? » ~ Stop the War Coalition.

Tony Blair Watch.

How Tony Blair crony organised the award that discredited Save the Children 28 November 2014
Furious Save the Children staff demand its award to child-killer Tony Blair is withdrawn 25 November 2014
A good year for Tony Blair – now annointed a saint and on his way to heaven 21 November 2014
Safest place for Tony Blair to avoid terrorist plots is behind bars for his war crimes 14 October 2014
Tony Blair’s tips to a dictator on how to justify a massacre of unarmed civilians 25 August 2014
Let’s party says Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair as Israel carpet bombs Gaza 28 July 2014
ISIS rejects Tony Blair’s application to be Caliph in the Middle East 03 July 2014
Lucrative “business opportunities” for Tony Blair advising Egyptian dictator Sisi 02 July 2014
Tony Blair’s boundless corruption exposed again as he courts Egypt as his next ‘client’ 27 June 2014
Endless Chilcot farce: report delayed again to cover up Tony Blair’s Iraq crimes 27 June 2014
Join Noam Chomsky, Stephen Fry, Russell Brand: sign the Sack Tony Blair petition 26 June 2014
Tony Blair should be sacked as Middle East peace envoy, say former ambassadors 24 June 2014
Where are all the former friends of Tony Blair now he needs them more than ever? 20 June 2014
Impeach Blair: As Iraq burns, parliament should put this deluded liar on trial 18 June 2014
Demented warmonger Tony Blair is wrong, wrong, wrong, says Lindsey German 16 June 2014
Iraq: here’s the answer to Tony Blair and the neocons’ insatiable war-lust 15 June 2014
Dear Tony Blair, thanks for everything, hope you enjoy the oil, Love – Iraq 14 June 2014
Chilcot’s comic opera hiding Bush-Blair lies distracts us from looming disaster in Syria 01 June 2014
Full-steam ahead for a whitewash of Tony Blair’s Iraq lies as Chilcot surrenders 29 May 2014
Demolished beyond repair: the reputation of the preposterous and demented Tony Blair 27 April 2014
Don’t be nostalgic about Tony Blair. His effect on Britain and beyond was toxic 14 April 2014
A tale of two Tonys: Benn and Blair 26 March 2014
How the Chilcot report could slap handcuffs on Tony Blair 26 January 2014
London barman will get reward for attempt at citizen’s arrest of war criminal Tony Blair 21 January 2014
US and UK block proof of Tony Blair and George Bush Iraq lies 03 January 2014
Merry Christmas, Tony Blair: over 9200 civilians killed in Iraq in 2013 27 December 2013
Is Iraq report being blocked because it proves Blair and Bush war crimes? 18 November 2013
Tony Blair: never in the field of human history has one man earned so much from deaths of so many 15 November 2013
David Cameron blocks report that exposes Tony Blair’s Iraq war crimes 11 November 2013
Art didn’t stop the Iraq war but history will always remember Tony Blair’s ‘selfie’ 16 October 2013
Bounty hunters search for Tony Blair after latest sightings of UK’s most wanted war criminal 09 July 2013
Tony Blair joins the cheerleaders calling for all-out war with Syria 15 June 2013
Tony Blair attacks Islam to absolve his wars from any responsibility for the Woolwich killing 03 June 2013
The People v. Tony Blair: Politics, the Media and the Anti-war Movement 29 May 2013
Tony Blair still running scared of being ambushed for his war crimes 20 March 2013
Ten years after Iraq what is Tony Blair good for today? 12 March 2013
George Bush, Tony Blair and this century’s greatest crime 20 February 2013
How UK government colluded in torture to seal Tony Blair’s ‘deal in the desert’ with Gadaffi 08 February 2013
How Tony Blair and Iraq Robbed a Generation of Their Faith in Politics 06 February 2013
New book: The People v. Tony Blair 31 January 2013
Blair, arms dealers & Britain’s universities 31 October 2012
Arrest warrant out for Gaddafi: can Blair and Bush be far behind? 27 June 2011
Letter to Tony Blair: Unconditional Ceasefire Now 05 August 2006
Letter to Blair and Bush 19 March 2005

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