WARNING . . . Palestinians, My Beloved, DO NOT Take the Bait

Right of Return is non-negotiable – no justice, no peace!

Poetry for Palestine

This is by far is the stickiest, most vile glue trap in the history of the Palestinian struggle for Liberation


The campaigners of Post-Zionism  and cultural Zionism are the heirs of
the Zionists serial killers. They are the godfathers of Morphing Zionism
which I have already warned about.

This is the final push for cultural Zionists, to polish their product
and repackage it in glitter, and to pretend that they are shedding off
their “Zionism” which has already been defunct and obsolete anyway,
after the achievement and fulfillment of all its aims (establishing a
home land for the Jews in Palestine)

After the creation of the Zionist entity, the aims of the Zionist movement were fulfilled, but in order to finalize the dream and secure it forever, they divide themselves into two camps, who appear conflicting and at odds with each other, yet at heart they actually are two…

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