Resistance is the key to defeating zionism

Respect existence or expect resistance.
More power to the mass campaign of non-cooperation with Israeli war crimes.

Joti's journey to Gaza

Palestinian child in kafiye holds flag and makes victory salute

The lines which do not blur and which have become more focused are the absolute obligation to support Resistance, who are fighting against foreigners, occupiers, and for the very lives of Palestinians.

And in Syria, Syrians, against largely foreign insurgents whose ‘revolutionary’ tactics include: car-bombing civilian areas, mortaring (with insidious mortars packed with bits of jagged metal, glass … whatever will inflict as much pain and damage as possible upon their civilian targets), cutting — often sawing, not enough the luxury of a swift stroke, but instead a jagged blade, a slow and brutal death — and stoning to death, using chemical weapons, and if not murdering flogging, cutting off hands …

It’s time to really bring Resistance to the forefront and erode the stigma corporate media and western governments have tagged them with. They have a legitimate and legally-lauded right to resist.

The countless Syrians I met in Syria…

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