| #BDS #ethnic-cleansing: The forbidden truth about Ashkenazis!

The forbidden truth about Ashkenazis ~ As’ad Abdul Rahman | Special to Gulf News.

The real intent behind the Judaisation of Israel is to strip Palestinians of the legal right to their land in order to ship them out as illegal aliens.

The European Jews, the Ashkenazis, created the doctrine of Zionism which defined them as “the children of Abraham” who were driven out of “the Holy Land” of Palestine, thus ‘entitling’ them with “the Biblical right of return from their Diaspora” to “regain” the ownership of “their ancestral land” and establish again “the state of Israel” as the homeland of the Jews! This basic premise of Zionism is an absolute lie that is historically contradicted by the Jewish Encyclopedia, by the Jewish historian Dr Benjamin H. Freedman and recently by the scientific genetic analysis that delivered the final death blow to Zionism and to all its fabricated narratives. Nicolas Wade wrote in the New York Times, on October 8, 2013, that “a new genetic analysis has now filled in another piece of the origins puzzle, pointing to European women as the principal female founders of the Jewish European community and as the source of the Ashkenazi ancestors”. He goes on to say that “the finding establishes that the women who founded the Ashkenazi Jewish community of Europe were not from the Near East (Palestine) as previously supposed”.

What does this scientific fact mean, religiously and politically?

Let Judaism 101, taught by Jews in universities, answer the question — “the orthodox Ashkenazi Jews believe (according to their western Talmud) that a person is a Jew if his mother is a Jew with Semitic lineage to Abraham, regardless of who his father is”. It adds that “the Torah does not specifically state anywhere that maternal descent should be used to determine who is a Jew”. But the western Talmud written by the Ashkenazi western Jews does specify the Semitic maternal lineage as a condition to be a Jew, which is the law being applied on all immigrants by the Ashkenazi Rabbinate, while all whose mothers have no Semitic lineage to Abraham are being denied the Jewish and Israeli identities. Now, the genetic analysis of the Ashkenazi Jews has absolutely stripped them of both their identities because their founding root was maternal, with no lineage to Semitism, neither to Prophet Abraham and nor to Prophet Israel, whose name was Jacob, peace be upon them.

Before that, the deadly historical blow that was delivered to the Ashkenazi Zionist doctrine came from Jewish historian Freedman who revealed the truth about the Khazars. He wrote under ‘Facts are Facts’ that the Khazars were the true ancestors of the Ashkenazis denying them the Hebrew identity and the Semitic lineage to “the children of Israel”, the children of Jacob. His historical thesis was prevented to gain public attention under the guise of “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Zionism”. Freedman revealed in the 1950s historical facts classifying Khazars/Ashkenazis, according to modern anthropology, as “Turku-Finns (Aryans)” who were “a warlike nation”. “Their irreligious worship was a mixture of the phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship that threatened their existence with annihilation by their extreme degeneracy”, he said. To save his kingdom, he added, “King Bulan, who ruled the Khazars, decided in the 7th century to abolish the phallic worship and selected Judaism as the new state religion”. King Bulan wanted the Khazars to be converted to a religion with morality to lift them from their degeneracy and found “the Eastern Talmud” written by Arab Jewish Rabbis to be the means to control and cleanse the character of his people. Judaism was known at that time as “Talmudism” in which the Talmud provided the religious and civil laws that absolutely controlled and ruled the life of every Jew. King Bulan imported rabbis from the Arab Jewish community of Iraq to convert his people and created a theocracy ruled by Khazar Rabbis who later called themselves “Ashkenazis” which means “the superior people” in the Khazar language and who wrote a stricter Talmud, the western Talmud. Indeed, Judaism provided king Bulan strict laws and a religion accepted by Empires near him, the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Muslim Umayyad Arab Empire, without Judaism recognising either of them.

According to Wikipedia, “the Khazars dominated a vast area from the Volga-don steppes to Eastern Crimea, including the Northern Caucasus”. It further explains that “their Empire served as a buffer state between the Byzantine Empire and the Umayyad Arab Empire after serving as Byzantium’s proxy against the Sassanid Persian Empire”. In other words, the Khazars/Ashkenazis rented themselves to the western Empire of Byzantium to wage wars against the Persians at first and against the Arabs later, to protect commercial Byzantine interests in the Near East — exactly as the new Khazar state called Israel, the Zionist state, has so far done as a western proxy in the heart of the Arab world.

The real intent behind the Judaisation of Israel/Zionist state is to strip non-Jews (Muslim and Christian Palestinians) of their legal right to their land in order to ship/transfer them out as illegal aliens. However, historical facts, in addition to the recent genetic analysis, completely negate the Zionist doctrine. The Ashkenazis are thus left with three options: To throw away their western Talmud, like the Reform Jews of America, who stripped the Ashkenazis of their Jewish, Israeli and Hebrew identities and eradicating for ever their Zionist doctrine; or to hold on to their racist Talmud background and pack and leave the Holy Land as illegal non-Jewish residents; or to adopt the identity of a civil citizenship of a non-religious civil democratic state that is governed by the rule of law — equally encompassing all its citizens, regardless of their gender, colour, ethnicity, religious dogma or affiliation.

Professor As’ad Abdul Rahman is the chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.

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3 thoughts on “| #BDS #ethnic-cleansing: The forbidden truth about Ashkenazis!

  1. Staggering, is it not, that the neo-zionists in Israel have recourse to similar race laws as the Nazis.
    I suppose they look upon Sephardim and Mizrachim Jews as being Mischlinge (part Jews) as the Nazis defined part-Jews in the Third Reich.
    There is – regrettably – another alternative to the ones you have specified, which is that the Ashkenazim will simply cling on in the hope that things will just stay the way they are for ever.
    Unrealistic, maybe, but how can anyone now suggest that they are rational or realistic, particularly when they are supported by neo-Zionists and Christian Zionists in the USA?
    The neo-zionists are a very real and present danger to world peace, particularly as they share an Armageddon outlook with Christian Zionists, who support the neo-Zionist outlook of “If we go, everyone goes”.
    It was widely suspected that Israel was prepared to shower down nuclear missiles on all the main capital cities of the world during the 1973 conflict.
    Why should we believe that they are still not prepared to pull the whole world down with them if they lose power and control over historic Palestine?
    We have to face the fact that in dealing with neo-Zionists we are dealing with the equivalent of mad, bad and crazily rabid dogs; they will have to be put down to render them ineffective.


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