| Squatters on Crack! First UK now Romania and Netherlands object!

Israel’s isolation grows as it falls out with Romania and the Netherlands ~ Redress Information & Analysis.

It’s been yet another bad week for Israel.

First, its loyal poodle Britain fired its first-ever warning shot, signalling that it may have just about had enough of the apartheid state’s deceptions and violations of international law.

And now, the Zionist entity has got into a diplomatic row with Romania, which has told Tel Aviv that it will not allow Romanian construction workers to be employed in the illegal, Jews-only colonies in the occupied West Bank, Israel’s military radio reported on 10 December.

Differences between the two countries centre on Romania’s insistence that Israel guarantee that Romanian construction workers would not be employed on the Jewish colonies, which are considered illegal under international law.

As if this were not enough, the wrangle with Romania is Israel’s second diplomatic row with a European Union country this week following a dispute with the Netherlands over a new security scanner to be installed on the Gaza border that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was to have inaugurated on 1 December, the French news agency AFP reported.

The Dutch government had hoped the scanner would help increase the export of goods from Gaza to the West Bank, but Israeli officials accused the Dutch of trying to impose “political conditions”.

Also on 1 December Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans refused to accept an Israeli military escort around Palestinian-administered areas of the West Bank city of Hebron.

And there’s more to come. In January 2014 Israel can look forward to new EU guidelines coming into force, which ban the funding of projects linked to the Jews-only colonies in the occupied West Bank and the illegally annexed Arab East Jerusalem.


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