Nelson Mandela’s Inspiration

| By being the focus, perhaps uniquely, of the global sanctions in repudiating apartheid, Mandela demonstrated the reality that a false political consensus can be conquered.
That what once seemed politically impossible was actually perfectly achievable, and, remarkably without the feared violence or reprisals in its aftermath.

With hindsight, embracing Thatcherism and the free market was a huge mistake given the consequent rise in poverty, but, his legacy lives on.

Securing EQUALITY for ALL now must address the crucial question of economic reform to redress the shocking poverty and class division lingering on, largely entrenched since the apartheid era and unashamed white supremacism.

We would do well to remind ourselves that Marwan Barghouti is Palestine’s Mandela.
Time for his long walk to freedom is now.
And, Hamas, like them or loathe them ARE the people’s choice unlike the Quisling, man without a mandate, Abbas.

We ALL have a moral duty to sanction and BDS the ziocolony, Israel, until it stops acting like a spoilt brat and grows up in order to behave like the decent country as yet it can only PRETEND to be. It’s time for Israel to relent from the reprehensible racism tainting its policies and to rehabilitate itself into a genuine partner for peace with the Palestinians as EQUALS.

Global Justice in the 21st Century

Prefatory Note: Thanks to my friend Nader Hashemi, I have added this important comment on the role of violence in emancipatory struggles for freedom that Nelson Mandela articulated after his release from prison in 1993; it is highly relevant to the demands by Israel that Palestinians renounce violence while Israel sustains a structure of occupation and oppression that includes nakba as process, that is, continuous dynamics of dispossession and dispersal of the oppressed and encroachment on their remaining rights via unlawful settlement, ethnic cleansing, discriminatory policies. What follows is an excerpt from an appearance by Mandela on Charlie Rose’s interview program:

Rose:              You have, at this moment, no reservation or indecision – along with the counsel that you’ve taken with your colleagues – that the decisions made by you and them are right for South Africa – the sacrifices, the toll, the price you’ve paid, the blood that’s been spilled…

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