| British TV “celebrity” Simon Cowell, US singer Lionel Ritchie, come out as Israel pimps!

British TV “celebrity” Simon Cowell, US singer Lionel Ritchie, come out as Israel pimps ~ Redress Information & Analysis.

A famous British television personality and an American has-been singer have come out as a pimps for Israel.

According to the Israeli news website Ynet, Simon Cowell, a judge on shows such as “American Idol”, “The X Factor” and “The Next Big Thing”, set aide his dignity by singing at an event organized to raise money for the Israeli occupation forces:

“… the event’s host, billionaire Power Rangers creator Haim Saban, offered to make a 1-million-dollar donation if Cowell sang the show’s theme tune with him.


The 54-year-old British star delighted the packed room of guests after he accepted the challenge. Midway through his performance of Ron Wasserman’s Go Go Power Rangers, Simon jokingly offered to donate 100,000 dollars of his own money if he was allowed to stop. Saban then agreed he could stop singing for 250,000 dollars.”


The vacuous British TV character was not the only so-called “celebrity” to come out as an Israel pimp. Has-been singer Lionel Ritchie, who had previously been hired by Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi, also “gave a rare performance to loosen the attendees’ purse strings” in aid of the Israeli occupiers.

Other pimps and stooges included Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, who gave 4.5 million dollars; Haim Saban, who gave 2.3 million dollars; and software company Oracle’s chief executive Larry Ellison, who gave 1 million dollars.


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