TELL JOHN KERRY THE WORLD SAYS NO TO WAR ON SYRIA ~ Stop the War CoalitionSyria protest at Foreign Office. 



Monday 9 September, 8am
Foreign Office, Whitehall, London SW1

US secretary of state John Kerry is touring Europe trying to drum up support for a war on Syria. Opinion polls around the world show a US military is opposed by majorities in most countries. Two thirds of Americans say no to war. Close to 75% of people in Britain are opposed. This no doubt is why MPs in parliament voted last week to stop David Cameron taking this country into yet another war in the Middle East on the coat-tails of US foreign policy.

Barack Obama was isolated at the recent G20 meeting, at which only the French government was prepared to commit to a military attack on Syria. Latest polls show that most people in France are opposed to president Hollande’s backing of Obama’s drive to war, saying they feared it could “set the entire region ablaze”.

The attack Barack Obama is planning is illegal under international law without the backing of the United Nations security council. It will not help to solve the civil war in Syria which is causing such suffering for the Syrian people. It will only further inflame the conflict, as we have seen happen in all the US-led interventions in the region over the past decade — in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. What is needed in Syria is not more devastation and death at the end of a barrage of US Cruise missiles, but serious moves towards a negotiated political settlement.

On Monday 9 September, John Kerry will be in London banging his drums for more war, while at home Barack Obama prepares a national address to try and persuade the American people and US Congress that yet more war is what’s needed to help bring peace to Syria.

Stop the War has called a protest on Monday 9 September, at 8 am, when John Kerry will be meeting British foreign secretary William Hague at the Foreign Office in Whitehall. If you can, please join us to tell Kerry that the world says no to war on Syria.

* A new motion has been been tabled in Parliament urging US representatives in Congress to reject war.

* Please use Stop the War’s lobbying tool to urge your MP to support this motion: http://act.stopwar.org.uk/lobby/58.

* Stop the War will call a protest at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, London on the day the US Congress debates the war on Syria. As soon as the date is announced Stop the War will publish details of the protest on our website and through our Facebook and Twitter.

No Attack on Syria
Wednesday 11 September
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square on Wednesday 11 September at 7pm.
More details here…




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