Alicia Keys’ planned Israel concert inspires backlash from black peers

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18 thoughts on “Alicia Keys’ planned Israel concert inspires backlash from black peers

    • Thanks for sharing – zionism really is such an appalling insult to humanity’s dignity and intelligence that ignoring it should be criminal – same applies to performing artists too.


  1. So, Alicia Keyes is NOT allowed to go sing in Israel. OK. So, this makes you like the bullies that you pretend to fight.
    She can sing whereever she wants.
    Looks like many American black people just casually forget the price some stupid Jews paid for their asses.


  2. Alicia better not go, she better not go, or everyone will beat her up.
    Apartheid R O F L.
    Thats what the illegals say abt Arizona.
    Fuck the illegals.
    the illegal occupiers say “Arizona belongs to US!”
    I say BULLSHIT.

    the Liberty: 1967.
    The year;


  3. They didnt murder them in cold blood.
    America was not allied with Israel until the late 70’s.

    America, as usual, was busy in someone elses war. We do that all the time now.


  4. Alicia Keyes should sing where she wants to sing. Shes supposed to be American. We’re not supposed to ‘cut off’ people for having a differing world view.


  5. Racism? Please. Israel a racist? HAHAHAHAHA
    Israel has allowed 10’s of thousands of AFRICANS into Israel, they are raping Israeli women.
    Shut up already with ‘thats racist’ CRAP.

    IF Alicia Keyes wants to sing in Madagascar, what is that to YOU? Mind your own business and stop being a fascist demanding people to do what YOU want them to do


      Everyone other than the terminally deluded KNOW EXACTLY who the aggressor is and who the victim is.

      More than ever that it’s a wake-up call!
      Time to muzzle those dogs of war and dismantle the military-industrial complex which is both in overdrive and overkill.

      Perhaps even to restrain, if not cut off completely, that festering sore in the region, that hooligan from hell, Israel – always driving up the world’s fuel prices with it’s endless belligerence, impunity to any civilised norms and mind-numbingly insufferable self-righteousness whilst it genocides and ethnically-cleanses at will insulting the intelligence of all humanity in it’s eternal quest for more, more, more territory to thieve.

      Chance would be a fine thing.
      Give the world a break …


      Open letter from Alice Walker to Alicia Keys:


  6. “Israelis seem to be haunted by a curse.
    It is the curse of the original sin against the native Arabs. How can Israel be discussed without recalling the dispossession and exclusion of non-Jews?
    This is the most basic fact about Israel, and no understanding of Israeli reality is possible without it.
    The original sin haunts and torments Israelis; it marks everything and taints everybody.
    Its memory poisons the blood and marks every moment of existence.”
    ~ Israeli author, Benjamin Beit-Hallahami,
    “Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel.”

    Zionist squatter-settler hotshots,
    defiling the Holy Land with their unholy presence,
    perpetrating ongoing atrocities against the indigenous semitic Palestinians – with those who’d help them –
    will still get their comeuppance,
    ~ unless they take heed and quit!

    Meanwhile, the goals of the Palestinian Boycott, Divest & Sanction [BDS] campaign are crystal clear – to simply :

    {1} End Israel’s occupation & colonisation of all Arab lands + Dismantle the Apartheid Wall;

    {2} Engage & Secure the basic Human Rights of the Palestinian-Arab citizens of israel to Full Equality; Respect, protect & promote the inalienable Rights of Palestinian refugees to Return to their homes and properties & to ensure Full compliance with all UN Resolutions.

    No criminal, pirate state is worth the trouble it causes.

    Americans really should now give their heads a wobble and demand to cut the zioclony loose to sink or swim as a well-behaved neighbour instead of funding more ethnic-cleansing and land-thievery with yet more impunity like a pandering parent with it’s spoilt brat.

    European post-war holocaust guilt is no excuse to still raid the meddle-east or dispossess semite Palestinians, whatever emotional-blackmail hissy-fit the Jewish lobby throws up.

    Apathy is shameful, willful ignorance is worse.


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