| Rebekah Brooks’s cringe-worthy text to David Cameron but WHERE’VE his replies gone?

Rebekah Brooks’s text to David CameronGEORGE EATON, New Statesman.

“Let’s discuss over country supper soon … professionally we are in this together.”

David Cameron with Rebekah Brooks. Photograph: Getty Images.
David Cameron with former Sun editor and News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks. Photograph: Getty Images.

Here’s the full version of Rebekah Brooks’s cringe-making text to David Cameron, which has just been revealed during the latter’s appearance at the Leveson inquiry.

Sent 7 October 2009 16:45

But seriously I do understand the issue with the Times, let’s discuss over country supper soon. On the party that’s because I had invited a number of NI people to Manchester post-endorsement … I am so rooting for you, not just as a personal friend but because professionally we are in this together. Speech of your life? Yes he Cam!

Cameron was visibly embarrassed by the text but I suspect that Downing Street will be relieved if this is as bad as it gets. The publication of a sycophantic message from Cameron to Brooks (of which there are likely many) would have been far more damaging.


Leveson inquiry: Cameron struggles over ‘Yes he Cam!’ text from Brooks 

Rebekah Brooks messaged PM ‘I am so rooting for you’ and ‘we’re definitely in this together!’, Leveson inquiry hears!  ~  and guardian.co.uk.

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