| Now Israel thanks Germany’s Merkel for sixth Dolphin submarine!

Israel thanks Germany’s Merkel for sixth Dolphin submarine

Israel thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday for selling the country its sixth Dolphin submarine at a subsidized price.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a thank you letter to Merkel, saying the upgraded vessel would “help us address Israel’s immense defence needs during these turbulent times and will contribute greatly to the long-term security of the Jewish state,” his spokesman, Mark Regev, told dpa.

Israel and Germany signed the contract for the purchase Wednesday during a ceremony at the Israeli ambassador’s residence in Berlin, in the presence of Defence Minister Ehud Barak and German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defense Rudiger Wolf, a government statement said.



Barak said the agreement “reflects the depth of Israel and Germany’s relationship, as well as the German government’s clear commitment to the state of Israel’s security.”

The Israeli Globes business daily reported the submarine will be delivered by 2018. At delivery, it will be one of the most advanced submarines in the world, and will be the most expensive weapon procured by the Israel Defence Forces, at a cost of 400 million euros. Germany will finance a third of the cost, it said.

Israel currently has three submarines in its fleet, it said. The fourth and fifth Dolphin submarines are in advanced stages of construction in German shipyards and scheduled to arrive in mid-2013 and in the second half of 2014.



Two wrongs don’t make a right.

So Germany’s still giving far more bang for its buck than it should under the yoke of collective guilt from so long ago that Israel’s current modus operandi is being ignored.

And this matters to the world now because?

Make no mistake, Dolphins carry nukes!

And, arguably the most paranoid regime in history cravenly continues arming itself to the teeth evidently with a capacity to reach any world capital city – that’s right folks, you and I too can be in those belligerent cross-hairs.

More to the point, HOW can a pirate state with a stockpile of illegal nukes STILL whine about Iran’s nuclear fuel capacity reaching weaponisation one day WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, as the basis for launching war NOW?

And without so much as a say-so from anyone else?

Oh forget about Uncle Same’s disapproval or irksome details like a clearly-mandated Resolution from the United Nations Security Council – since when does that apply to the chosen?

More like its brazenly showing its not worth the trouble it causes!

Good neighbours don’t need fences much less weapons – they not only smell but SHARE the Qahwa with each other.

Mind, peaceful neighbours make perfect partners for peace!


No sane person wants MAD: mutually assured destruction, more so now than ever before, as history has shown how rational states learnt the weighty responsibilities of deterrence the hard way – denuclearisation is the only way to bequeath our children’s generation a world truly worth living in.

That Israel’s nuclear capacity be subject to IAEA monitoring and regulated with a view to denuclearise the entire region and world is a grave matter long, long overdue.

4 thoughts on “| Now Israel thanks Germany’s Merkel for sixth Dolphin submarine!

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  3. Thanks for the article !

    If you don’t mind I’ll use your second to the last image for a blog entry of my own 🙂 Of course I will cite and link 😉


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