| Dishonourable discharges as ‘To the victor the spoils’ becomes ‘I piss on your corpses’?

Graphic Video: [1:25]

Actual footage of US Marines Urinating On Killed Taliban!

Many parents who wouldn’t think of letting their children see the movie: ‘I Spit on your Grave!’ wouldn’t think twice if their children joined the Marines ~ the US Marines where Marines not only spit on graves, they urinate on corpses.

‘Disgusting’ video is ‘recruitment tool for the Taliban!’

Outrage across the world after footage emerges showing U.S. troops ‘urinating on dead Afghan bodies’

  • The anonymous person who put it online wrote: ‘Scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans’

No wonder Afghan leaders labeled the just-discovered video footage “a recruitment tool for the Taliban.” And Americans wonder why many in the Muslim world hate us?

Oh, but this is just a few bad apples in the military [as Sec. of State Hillary Clinton said]. 

This has been said so often and for so long that it’s getting to the point where so many apples are bad it is hard to find a good one. You know, the good ones who just kill for the US government without killing civilians for sport, bombing wedding parties, carrying out battlefield executions, killing hundreds with cluster bombs, covering up botched raids, posing for pictures with their victims, murdering civilians, and keeping body parts of their victims to parade as trophies, with apparent impunity, blatantly defying the Laws of War …

Something just doesn’t smell right – doesn’t this, erm, ‘prick’ anyone’s conscience??

January 12, 2012 ~ Graphic Video ~ Viewer Discretion Advised

| Pamela Geller “Loves” Soldiers Who Urinate on Dead Corpses!

“The things that will destroy America are:
safety-first instead of duty-first,
the love of soft living, and
the get-rich-quick theory of life.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) 26th president of the US
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18 thoughts on “| Dishonourable discharges as ‘To the victor the spoils’ becomes ‘I piss on your corpses’?

  1. Piss away soldiers, because if they were to capture you, they would…
    1) Put you on camera and behead you
    2) Drag your corpse down the road
    3) Hang your corpse from a bridge and set you on fire while burning the American Flag.

    Yeah, we should feel sorry for the Taliban insurgents being peed on!!!


  2. Come on Todd. No ya don’t have to feel sorry for the Taliban. Try feeling sorry for the soldiers. They’ve been turned into disgraceful yahoos who desecrate bodies. They were probably normal before they joined up. So what will their heads be like when this is all over? Personally I’m not crying for them; they need a boot buried right up their butt, but the point is their actions don’t fit with normal society and presumably they’ll have to give up their guns and slip back into that society when this is all over. So the loss of humanity and decency can at least be recognized right ?


    • “They’ve been turned into disgraceful yahoos who desecrate bodies.”

      Not nearly as bad as what I’ve mentioned above. At least they don’t play soccer with the head of a Taliban insurgent and put it on display on a bridge for the whole town to view. If I was one of the soldiers in the video, I would have pulled down my pants and crapped down one of their throats. The Taliban actually kill themselves also if you don’t remember, do I have to remind you of suicide bombers that kill more innocent lives that the US Military.


      • Yeah right – when we’re invaded and occupied let’s all surrender our inalienable rights to resist illegal foreign occupation and just serve our occupiers with roses and chocolate instead, right?

        Puhleeeeeeeez !!


        • It’s not that illegal, the Taliban asked for it. If they hadn’t of invaded us on 9/11, I doubt we would have been deployed. And don’t give me that fantasy conspiracy theory bullcrap about it being an inside job. I definitely don’t want to live in a country where the military doesn’t react to an invasion like 9/11, I’m proud of the men and women that have gone over to fight back and not take shit from nobody. Even if 9/11 didn’t happen, we would have eventually been nuked by Saddam. We got a bonus going into Iraq and prevented him from completing his WMD’s. He had all the ingredients, he just hadn’t built them yet, he was too busy playing musical warehouses.

          I won’t believe that phony Bush/Blaire tribunal until I see them both in prison. After all, if they have been found guilty, you would think they would be punished, and it would be front page news.


          • How the hell can you believe the Taliban had anything to do with 9/11?? And did you pay no attention to the facts showing that Saddam had no WMD’s and hadn’t possessed any since the 1990’s? Or do you need to lie to yourself to feel comfortable with the US’ war crimes?


          • Todd, 1) American and UK govt knew Sadam had no nukes and wasn’t building any 2) The Taliban didn’t do 911. The US govt never said that they did.

            Why did the Iraq war last 10 years; long after Sadam was dead and his govt toppled?
            Why is the US still invading Afghanistan; OBL is dead and Al Qaeda have moved to Yemen and Africa. All of this btw from the main stream sources based on statements the governments themselves make.

            Ever wonder what’s really up with these pissin’ wars Todd?


  3. The fault actually lies in the command, not the soldiers. It is the responsibility of command to maintain order and discipline, and to also ensure the policies are followed. This stinks from the top down, but of course no one in the upper echelons will be held to account for this disgrace. And the soldiers relieving themselves on the dead will simply be court-martialed and either given a general military discharge or a few months in the brig at most. We’re so disgusted because we’re disgusted with the US, and rightly so. Does anyone remember how American soldiers sliced off the ears of the Viet Cong and strung them on necklaces? No, of course not. Just as that was forgotten, so will this be forgotten.


  4. Good for the dishonorable discharges! They were already dead so what was the point being made by pissing on the corpses?? Just totally lewd and unnecessary behavior by our US Marines.


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