| Eggs Fail To Recognize Omelette’s Right To Exist!

Eggs Fail To Recognize Omelette’s Right To Exist ~ 

Lawrence of Cyberia.

One of the Quartet’s conditions for dealing with a Hamas-led government of the Palestinian Authority is that it must “recognize Israel”. Quite often, this demand that Hamas recognize Israel morphs into the requirement that Palestinians must “recognize Israel’s right to exist“. This sounds similar superficially, but really is a quite different demand altogether. And it’s one that even the most amenable, “moderate” Palestinian is unlikely to comply with, let alone Hamas.

“Israel’s right to exist” is code for a very specific demand. It isn’t asking the Palestinians to recognize that the state of Israel exists and has the right to security within mutually agreed borders (which is essentially what the PLO has accepted). And it doesn’t mean that the Palestinians must recognize an Israeli state where Jewish and non-Jewish citizens alike enjoy full rights of citizenship (as proposed in the partition resolution of 1947, in which “Jewish Palestine” was essentially a binational state). When Israel and its supporters demand that Palestinians must “recognize Israel’s right to exist” they specifically mean that Palestinians must acknowledge Israel’s “right” to exist as a Jewish state on the lands of former Mandate Palestine.

Why would that be a problem for Palestinians? Well, bear in mind that when Zionists established their first settlement in Palestine in 1882, the population of the land that they proposed to turn into a Jewish state was not in fact Jewish, but 95% Muslim and Christian Arab. Bear in mind too that throughout the twentieth century, Palestinians maintained one of the highest birthrates on earth. So even though the proponents of a Jewish state managed in mid-century to create a Jewish majority by expelling large numbers of Arabs, within a couple of generations they are – even without allowing the expelled population to return – once again facing the prospect of a Palestinian majority. So creating a Jewish state in Palestine comes down to an endless battle to gerrymander a Jewish majority where one does not naturally exist.

There are various ways you can do this. You can do it by killing off or expelling the majority population, till it is reduced to a manageable size, as in 1948. (And then you can even afford to give the vote to the remnant left behind, and proclaim yourself a democracy, because you have made sure that the natives are so reduced in number they can never democratically bring about any change in their status). Or you can do it by simply disenfranchising large numbers of the “undesirable” population in the land you claim for your Jewish state, as is the current situation for millions of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. These ugly means are not an unfortunate by-product of an Arab propensity for “terrorism” or “anti-semitism”, forced upon unfortunate Zionists who would otherwise have preferred to peacefully coexist; they are absolutely intrinsic to creating a Jewish-majority state in Palestine. They are simply what you have to do in order to create a regime that favours one kind of people over another, in a land where the “other” people are the majority. Presumably, for Zionism, the end goal of creating a Jewish state in Palestine is of such import that its benefits outweigh the “collateral damage” that this inevitably involves for the Palestinian population.

When you demand that Palestinians acknowledge the “right” of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, you are asking them to say that they too think Zionism is worth all this “collateral damage”. You are asking them to acknowledge that it was and is morally right to do all the things that were and are necessary for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, even though these necessary things include their own displacement, dispossession and disenfranchisement. You are asking them to internalize the fact that they have less right to live freely on their own ancestral lands where they have lived in unbroken continuity for millenia, than an immigrant to the Middle East who, by an accident of birth, happens to have been born into a “preferred” religion.

While every nation’s tragedies are unique, the fact is that the Palestinians are not the only people who have had their modern national consciousness shaped by catastrophe. African-Americans have been shaped by slavery, Jewish Israelis by the Holocaust, and present-day South Africans by apartheid. But Palestinians are the only people that are told they must recognize the “rightness” of the catastrophe that befell them. And we demand this because, in the U.S., Zionism is the prism through which we look at the Arab-Israeli conflict. For us, Zionism is worthy and normative, and it is very difficult for us to acknowledge that for the people who have been – and inevitably had to be – on the receiving end of it, Zionism is cruel, and violent, and racist. But try to imagine what you would think if you heard someone demand that – in the interests of reconciliation with their former oppressors – African-Americans must acknowledge not only that the slave trade existed, but that it had a “right” to exist. Or that black south Africans must recognize the “right” of apartheid to exist. Or Jews, the Holocaust. Just by describing the scenario, we can see that we would be demanding something grotesque. But we take it for granted that the Palestinians must do it; and condemn them for anti-semitism when they refuse.

Usually when you hear the Israeli government say, “Of course we want to talk, but first….”, you are simply hearing excuses from a government that has no intention of ever entering meaningful talks with the Palestinians, and can always come up with one more precondition to ensure that they don’t have to. But the demand, “first they must recognize Israel’s right to exist”, is a precondition of a different kind altogether. It goes much deeper than a desire to avoid negotiating, and arises instead from a need to avoid recognizing the original sin at the heart of Zionism, which is that it could be realised only by destroying the people already in Palestine.

I wrote in an earlier post – Islamofascists – about the tendency of Zionists to present Zionism as merely a project to establish a national homeland for the Jewish people, while leaving out the rather important point that it is actually a project to create a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine, which already had an indigenous, non-Jewish population. For a long time, Israelis simply denied that there was a problem – maintaining a contradictory narrative that said that the Palestinians didn’t exist, but also that (despite not existing) the Palestinians “left” in 1948 because they wanted to, not because they were expelled. But Israel’s own New Historians put an end to those fictions, leaving Israelis with two choices. Either acknowledge the catastrophe that creating a Jewish state inflicted on the Palestinians, express regret for the suffering it caused, and discuss with them in good faith where both peoples can go from here. (And really, if you read the moderate kind of wording that the two sides were working on in Taba in relation to the refugee issue, you can see that nobody was asking Israel to rend its clothes or don sackcloth and ashes over this). Or deal with it by pretending you have nothing to regret, and beating the Palestinians as hard as you can in the hope that they will eventually tell you, “it’s OK, it doesn’t really matter”; which is what the “right to exist” precondition boils down to.

But the second option is not going to happen. No matter how much you hurt them, the Palestinians are never going to internalize the claim that their individual human rights and their collective national rights are inherently inferior to someone else’s, merely because of their failure to have a Jewish mom. They are never going to tell you that it was all right to dispossess them, just because this will make you feel better about the nagging doubt over your own legitimacy that is eating away at you. Palestinians are willing to reach a negotiated settlement in which the two parties will agree on what terms they will coexist, then legally recognize the existence of each other and the right of each to live in security within the framework they have mutually agreed. That is the only kind of recognition that can realistically be demanded of the Palestinians. They are not going to become Zionists in order to save Israelis from having to confront the skeletons in their cupboard.

If Israelis feel such a crisis of national legitimacy that they need someone to hug them and tell them that what Zionism has done to the Palestinians doesn’t really matter, they’d better find a therapist to do it, because the Palestinians won’t. No Palestinian is ever going to tell them, “You’re right, I am a lesser breed of human being, of course your rights are superior to mine” which, from a Palestinian perspective, is essentially what recognizing the “right” of Israel to exist as a Jewish state in Palestine entails.



4 thoughts on “| Eggs Fail To Recognize Omelette’s Right To Exist!

  1. There is one lie after another in this article. Jews have had a near continuous presence in that region for several thousand years. Jews are called Jews because they are from Judea (which has been renamed to the West Bank in the last century to disguise this fact). Arabs are called Arabs because they are from the Arabian peninsula. The Palestinians would not have been displaced if they, along with all their Arab neighbors, didn’t attack Israel in a war to commit genocide against the new-found Jewish state in 1948. They lost the war and as any child knows – actions have consequences. The areas where the Arabs won – the West Bank and Gaza were ethnically cleansed of all Jews. The areas where the Jews won became largely Jewish (many Arabs remained – so the author continues to be wrong in his assessment). By the way, the reason so many Arabs flocked to the region was because of the economic boon that the Jewish immigrants created, turning swamps into cities. The Palestinians need to blame themselves and their Arab brethren for their lot, not the Jews.


    • I guess that’s a classic example of fallacious reasoning, typical of zionists and their brainwashed sycophants who exhibit contempt for rule of law in their blind supremacism.

      Under international law, Israeli settlements are illegal. Fourth Geneva’s Article 49 states, “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

      Moreover, in July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled:

      “Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, are illegal and an obstacle to peace and to economic and social development.” In addition, they’ve “been established in breach of international law” on sovereign Palestinian territory.

      I suggest you stop wishful thinking to disabuse yourself of propaganda and face the facts – urgently!


      • Ben –Gurion’s Diary Entry for Jan 01, 1948 is highly informative :

        “We need to be accurate about timing, place and those we hit. If we accuse a family we need to harm them without mercy, women and children included. Otherwise, this is not effective reaction …

        There is no need to distinguish between guilty and not guilty.” This is the mentality of the very first prime minister of this Zionist Enterprise towards the original inhabitants of the Holy Land whom he would destroy and displace so ruthlessly and so thereby turn the entire yawning Gulf into a Cemetery of Hope. How stupid do they think we are?

        “Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves … politically we are the aggressors and they (Palestinians) defend themselves… The country (Palestine) is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country.”

        ~ David Ben Gurion (Prime Minister of Israel 1949-Jan 1954, Nov 1955-1963)


        • Israel has defied more than 160 UN General Assembly resolutions to date demanding that it obeys International Law, requiring it to simply return the land it has illegally confiscated from its lawful inhabitants.

          Israel has defied more than 60 United Nations Security Council Resolution’s – 40 of which the US has vetoed.

          Hence, it is widely seen as a pariah, Apartheid state and undemocratic too as even israeli Palestinians are categorically deprived of equal voting rights …

          Truly a pretend country inhabited by pretend people the majority of whom are non-indigenous, non-semitic and delusional – propped up only only by massive annual US funding and US arming.

          Left to its own devices this artificial, rogue, pirate, ziocolony is incapable of surviving for long.

          A Summary of UN Security Council Resolutions on Palestine since 1948: http://www.un.int/wcm/content/site/palestine/pid/11880

          It is the goal of ‘If Americans Knew’ to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution by Reclaiming the Rule of Law which has been lost.


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