Tony Blair’s illicit Saudi oil dealings spark outrage

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Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has signed a multimillion pound contract with a Saudi Arabian oil company to broker secret deals on the firm’s behalf with Chinese state officials, it has emerged.

Tony Blair Associates, an umbrella company owned by the former Labour leader, now a Middle East envoy, agreed in November 2010 to organize deals between oil company PetroSaudi and elite Chinese officials, a leaked contract seen by The Sunday Times suggests.

The deals were to be arranged during Blair’s visit to the Chinese capital of Beijing in November that year.

While the contract was in place, PetroSaudi reportedly paid Bair £41,000 a month to carry out these duties, and added a lucrative 2 percent cut of each successfully orchestrated agreement to the former prime minister’s paycheck.

PetroSaudi was reportedly informed it could not reveal Blair’s role in the business arrangement without permission. Despite the firm’s insistence…

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Further Settler Attacks in Hebron and Qalqilia

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Israeli settlers, on Thursday, attempted to kidnap a Palestinian minor to the south of Hebron, while others attacked a car shop and its owner in Qalqilia, according to security sources.

image source: Palestinian News Network (PNN) archives

According to WAFA correspondence, settlers from the settlement “Nahal Negohot”, built illegally on land west of Dura, to the south of Hebron, attempted to kidnap 11-year-old Amir Abu Sharar before local residents intervened and saved the child from abduction.

Meanwhile, in the area of Qalqilia, settlers attacked a car shop and severely beat the owner, Ahmad Abu Bakir, before fleeing the scene. Mr. Abu Bakir reportedly sustained bruises throughout his body and was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

WAFA notes that settler attacks — which have been ongoing for years, with Israeli forces making no attempts to stop them — have escalated recently in light of the current tension in the region, particularly in Jerusalem.

During the past…

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British SAS troops have been conducting secret missions that have killed hundreds of Islamic State militants

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Using quad bikes and 4×4’s in Iraq, they have been seeking out enemy forces usually at night, killing up to eight terrorists a day.

Sources from the Ministry of Defense had previously stated that the Special Air Service (SAS), which is an elite unit of the British Army, had only been involved in non-combat missions. However, aside from operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq, they have also been taking part in eliminating IS militants, aspecial report by the Mail on Sunday found.

The SAS has been making good use of intelligence to identify potential targets, mainly through the use of drones. Once an objective has been identified, the troops are dropped in IS territory by Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters, sometimes 50 miles (80 kilometers) from their intended target, as the engines of the helicopters are so loud.

The British publication learned that these missions have been…

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Heavy rain causes Gaza homes to flood

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Gaza floods

Residents living on the ground floor of building on Al-Nafaq Street, Gaza, were today ordered to evacuate their homes, while others were told to move to the second floor, for fear of flooding after the heavy rainfall led to the Sheikh Radwan reservoir reaching full capacity.

In a press statement, the Civil Defence forces said crews are still working hard to control the situationand prevent any disasters or casualties.

They called on residents to call the civil defence forces by dialing 102, or through the central operations centre 109, if they fear they are in any danger.

Gaza mayor Nizar Hijazi yesterday warned of, the “humanitarian catastrophe” that may occur due to high rainfall and the water levels in the reservoir.

He said the reservoir was one of the largest in the city and is capable of receiving large volumes of rainwater.

He added: “We fear a humanitarian catastrophe, and…

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Thailand martial law to stay indefinitely

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Thailand’s Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya has said martial law will remain in place “indefinitely”, amid mounting protests of military rule.

His remarks to Reuters come a day after PM Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters that martial law was “necessary” to stop “conflict and social disparity”.

The Thai military took over government on 22 May, and has been criticised for its repression of anti-coup protests.

Several protesters have been arrested in recent weeks.

A number of them have used a three-finger salute inspired by the Hollywood series The Hunger Games, which has been widely adopted as an anti-coup symbol.

A cinema chain in Thailand cancelled screenings of the latest film in the franchise this week, saying it wanted to avoid trouble.

  • In the films and books the gesture originally signals gratitude or admiration, but is later turned into a sign of silent dissent against an authoritarian regime.
  • It has become widely…

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Leonard Peltier: A Thankful Prayer

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Greetings my Relatives, Friends, & Supporters:

I was thinking about the national holiday “ Thanksgiving” the other day.  I won’t even go into what a horrible shame this American holiday is based on.  Instead, I will just let it remind me of the common bond I have with all my brothers and sisters of the Earth.  Even if Thanksgiving, the holiday, is based on an incorrect portrayal of history.  The concept of being Thankful, is a universal truth. I mean, lets face it, being thankful/grateful has been part of Indian Nations much longer than the invention of a holiday.

I admit there are days in here when I find it very hard to be thankful, but it does not take much to bring it back for me. Most days, I get cards and letters from people all over the world, sometimes I can even smell the soil, the pines, and…

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Information Minister: statement of US Department of State ignores criminal acts of ISIS

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Spokesperson of the US State Department Jen Psaki has issued a press statement on the Syrian army’s targeting ISIS sites in al-Raqqa, based on lies mentioned by ISIS on its websites.

“It is an attempt by the US State Department to push the world to disregard terrorism crimes through directing incorrect accusations against the Syrian State in the interest of those terrorist organizations,” al-Zoubi said in comment responding to press questions.

He added it was more adequate to the US State Department to respect the souls of American victims at the hands of ISIS, not to direct fabricated accusations against the Syrian State which has confronted terrorism since years while other states are involved in supporting terrorism.

“The Syrian State is more committed to its people than those who send weapon, money and train terrorists in several countries,” al-Zoubi said.

He added the statement of US State Department contradicts other statements…

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Have I Got News For You on FIFA’s corruption

13 Things That Are Not Mosques after UKIP mistakes cathedral for mosque


Runaway frenzy and hysteria bodes ill not well.

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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Twitter users have been helping out UKIP after it mistook Westminster Cathedral for a mosque:

UKIP mistakes Westminster Cathedral for a mosque

Here are some of the best from the #ThingsThatAreNotMosques hashtag on Twitter:

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